In Their Own Words: The Carving of Mount Rushmore


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This publication is a compilation of articles written by some of the early supporters of Mount Rushmore. Their original writings appeared in publications published by the Mount Rushmore Society from the 1930s to the 1960s to explain how and why Mount Rushmore was carved, as well as to promote the Black Hills and membership in the organization. The articles reflect the opinions and passions of each writer, proving a unique historical account of the carving that was finished 75 years ago.

The book includes background on each writer, including Doane Robinson, Gutzon Borglum, Peter Norbeck, William Williamson, Mary Borglum, President Calvin Coolidge, Lincoln Borglum and Lorine Spoonts. It also features historical photos and a timeline of the major events in the carving of Mount Rushmore.