Rushmore Love Stories: Summer Love

“After graduating from high school in May of 1969, I was accepted for summer employment at Mount Rushmore. It was a wonderful place to work and earn some additional money for college.

During the summer of 1969, I met this wonderful lady (Bev) who was working her second summer at Mount Rushmore. She worked in the Rushmore Dining Room as the head busgirl, and I worked in the stockroom.

On June 13 (Friday), we had six inches of snow fall on the grounds. In July, we were able to watch the moon landing as management hooked up TVs in the Dining Room so visitors and staff could watch history taking place. Bev and I were married in North Dakota in June 1972.

We return to the Black Hills as much as possible, particularly to the ‘Mountain,’ as the summer of 1969 was the beginning of a lifetime of wonderful, lasting memories. Our two sons have always said, ‘Thanks to Gutzon Borglum for Mount Rushmore,’ because we found each other there.”

Bev and Bob Curtis
Cheyenne, WY

This story is taken from the Mount Rushmore Memories: Expanded Edition book available for purchase here.