Rushmore Love Stories: First Kiss

“In 1980, I was working as a seasonal park ranger at Jewel Cave National Monument and went on a date with one of my coworkers, another seasonal park ranger. Bill took me out to dinner at the Powder House Lodge in Keystone one warm summer evening, and following a fine dinner, we went to Mount Rushmore to see the sculpture lighting.

We walked to the viewpoint with the sculpture illuminated in the background, and Bill kissed me. That was our first kiss, and we were married in Yellowstone National Park in 1982. Fast forward to 2010: We returned to the Black Hills to live due to my new job as Mount Rushmore National Memorial’s superintendent. We have come full circle.”

Cheryl Schreier
Former Superintendent (2010-2019)
Mount Rushmore National Memorial

This story is taken from the Mount Rushmore Memories: Expanded Edition book available for purchase here.