“Thank You, Buddy!”

Each person that visits Mount Rushmore develops a unique connection to this special site. Every day, we hear stories of people who have traveled from near and far to experience the Memorial, and we love to hear the stories about how their lives are forever changed.

This is YOUR Legacy. This is YOUR Mount Rushmore.

One of these stories is from a special young woman named Tiffany. Tiffany spent this past summer working at the Carvers Café at Mount Rushmore through a partnership with Black Hills Works . With her infectious laugh and bright smile, Tiffany greeted customers from around the country and helped them by bussing tables and keeping things clean.

At a site that is known for representing independence and freedom, Tiffany was able to mark a milestone of her own independence by using the money that she earned to open her very first checking and savings accounts. She enjoys this newfound freedom of being able to shop and buy things for herself and looks forward to returning next year.

 “Working at Mount Rushmore is the best job ever. The mountain goats are my favorite thing. The people are nice. I made new friends, and I can’t wait to go back next year.”–Tiffany, Black Hills Works
To everyone that supports Mount Rushmore and makes sure that it endures to provide meaningful experiences like these, Tiffany says, “Thank you, Buddy!”

 Will you consider making a year-end gift to ensure that people continue to experience a unique connection to this special place?