Mount Rushmore’s Immediate Need:

Housing for Summer Interns

Mount Rushmore National Memorial has not been immune to the effects of this global pandemic. In fact, in the wake of COVID-19 and new social distancing guidelines, a new need has arisen at our beloved Shrine of Democracy. We need your help.

The Mount Rushmore Bookstores’ Scholarship Program funds summer interns to assist park rangers in providing visitor services at Mount Rushmore National Memorial. These interns get valuable experiences working in a national park and shaping future careers, while ensuring that visitors to Mount Rushmore receive an experience of a lifetime.

This year, these interns will need to be housed individually rather than collectively to adhere to new health standards put into place by the National Park Service, resulting in more than $15,000 of additional costs. The Mount Rushmore Society has committed to assisting with these extra housing costs.

You can help to support this effort by making a gift today.